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Photo ID: 468     Views: 98      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:468 Mi-17 Nicaraguan Air Force 328 cn:419M42
Photographer:   Georgi Danilkin     More Photos
Date:   29Jan2016
Location:   Managua Augusto Cesar San...   (MNMG / MGA)     More Photos     
    Nicaragua     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   328     More Photos
CN:   419 M42     More Photos
Operator:   Nicaraguan Air Force     More Photos
Photo ID: 16661     Views: 91      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:16661 Mi-17 AimAir ER-MHV cn:103M13
Photographer:   AimAir     More Photos
Date:   2014
Location:   unknown             
    Turkey     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   ER-MHV     More Photos
CN:   103 M13     More Photos
Operator:   AimAir     More Photos
Photo ID: 16523     Views: 217      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:16523 Mi-17 Ibis Air Transport 9L-LBD cn:520M15
Photographer:   Richard E. Flagg     More Photos
Date:   21Dec2004
Location:   Freetown-Lungi Internatio...   (GFLL / FNA)     More Photos     
    Sierra Leone     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   9L-LBD     More Photos
CN:   520 M15     More Photos
Operator:   Ibis Air Transport     More Photos
Photo ID: 16128     Views: 235      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:16128 Mi-17 34th Training Air Base 0805 cn:108M05
Photographer:   Collection Frank Tornow     More Photos
Date:   Aug1998
Location:   Hradec Králové   (LKHK)     More Photos     
    Czech Republic     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   0805     More Photos
CN:   108 M05     More Photos
Operator:   34th Training Air Base     More Photos
Photo ID: 15909     Views: 443      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:15909 Mi-17 86th "Szolnok" Helicopter Base 704 cn:104M04
Photographer:   Balázs Kiss     More Photos
Date:   10Apr2019
Location:   Budaörs   (LHBS)     More Photos     
    Hungary     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   704     More Photos
CN:   104 M04     More Photos
Operator:   86th "Szolnok" Helicopter Base     More Photos
Photo ID: 15730     Views: 385      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:15730 Mi-17 33rd Transport Aviation Base 602 cn:106M02
Photographer:   Marcin Sieradzki     More Photos
Date:   28Nov2018
Location:   Mirosławiec   (EPMI)     More Photos     
    Poland     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   602     More Photos
CN:   106 M02     More Photos
Operator:   33rd Transport Aviation Base     More Photos
Photo ID: 15559     Views: 626      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:15559 Mi-17 MVZ Moscow Helicopter Plant 70934 cn:223M107
Photographer:   Russian Exhibition Systems     More Photos
Date:   21May2016
Location:   OFF Airport - Moscow-IEC "Crocus Expo"        More Photos     
    Russia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   70934     More Photos
CN:   223 M107     More Photos
Operator:   MVZ Moscow Helicopter Plant     More Photos
Remarks:   display HeliRussia 2016
Photo ID: 15462     Views: 352      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:15462 Mi-17 unknown 58662
Photographer:   Yousaf Saleem     More Photos
Date:   23Feb2019
Location:   OFF Airport - Sargodha        More Photos     
    Pakistan     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   58662     More Photos
Operator:   unknown     
Photo ID: 15356     Views: 379      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:15356 Mi-17 HELI AIR Services LZ-CDH cn:103M10
Photographer:   Rui Ferreira     More Photos
Date:   29Sep2001
Location:   unknown             
    Portugal     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   LZ-CDH     More Photos
CN:   103 M10     More Photos
Operator:   HELI AIR Services     More Photos
Photo ID: 15093     Views: 870      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:15093 Mi-17 Vertol Systems Company Inc N25299 cn:108M01
Photographer:   Blue Wave 707     More Photos
Date:   Apr2018
Location:   Kalaeloa   (PHJR / JRF)     More Photos     
    United States of America     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-17     More Photos
Registration:   N25299     More Photos
CN:   108 M01     More Photos
Operator:   Vertol Systems Company Inc     More Photos
Remarks:   N25299 has arrived at JRF to be part of the motion...
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