by Thomas Girke

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Aircraft History Summary

Data of Manufacturing




Kazan Helicopters



Construction Number

105 34

Line Number

not known

Time Line of Aircraft History

  Reg Type Operator Time Line  
details 985 Mi-8T Helicopter Regiment 34 del 08Jul1974  
details 985 Mi-8T Transport Helicopter Regiment 34 trf 01Dec1981 photo(s)
details 94+24 Mi-8T Grenzschutz-Fliegerstaffel Ost rgd 28Sep1990  
details 94+24 Mi-8T Transport Helicopter Regiment 34 r/r  Oct1990  
details 94+24 Mi-8T Air Transport Group Brandenburg-Briest trf 01Apr1991 photo(s)
details D-HOZH Mi-8T POLIZEI-Hubschrauberstaffel Brandenburg trf  Nov1992 photo(s)
details D-HOZH Mi-8T Delta Beach Company sold 17Feb1999  
details D-HOZH Mi-8T Mr Bora sold  1999  
details D-HOZH Mi-8T Berliner Flughäfen   photo(s)
details D-HLDS Mi-8T (LOM) OTIUM CONSULT GmbH & Co Offshore Ausruestungen KG res  May2011  
details (no registration) Mi-8T (LOM) Heliteam CZ s.r.o. f/n  Mar2012 photo(s)
details OK-SFB Mi-8T (LOM) Heliteam CZ s.r.o. rgd 26Apr2012 photo(s)