by Thomas Girke

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Aircraft History Summary

Data of Manufacturing




Kazan Helicopters



Construction Number

105 51

Line Number

not known

Time Line of Aircraft History

  Reg Type Operator Time Line  
details 966 Mi-8PS Transport Aviation Regiment 44 del 24Mar1976  
details 966 Mi-8PS Helicopter Regiment 34 trf 17Jul1981  
details 966 Mi-8PS Helicopter Training Squadron 35 trf 01Dec1981  
details 966 Mi-8PS Helicopter Training Regiment 35 trf 01Dec1984 photo(s)
details 93+39 Mi-8PS Helicopter Training Regiment 35 r/r  Oct1990  
details 93+39 Mi-8PS Transport Helicopter Regiment 34 trf  Dec1990  
details 93+39 Mi-8PS Air Transport Group Brandenburg-Briest trf 01Apr1991  
details 93+39 Mi-8PS Army Aviation Squadron 80 trf - but date unknown  
details 93+39 Mi-8PS Motor Technica Museum Bad Oeynhausen trf 27Apr1995 photo(s)
details   Mi-8PS Tischlerei Dirk Schlöpping f/n  Nov2018