by Thomas Girke

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Aircraft History Summary

Data of Manufacturing


Mi-17Z-2 (upgrade by Czechoslovakia)


Kazan Helicopters


not known

Construction Number

108 M08

Line Number

not known

Time Line of Aircraft History

  Reg Type Operator Time Line  
details 0808 Mi-17Z-2 3rd Transport Aviation Regiment   photo(s)
details 0808 Mi-17Z-2 2nd Mixed Transport Regiment trf  Nov1992  
details 0808 Mi-17Z-2 4th Helicopter Regiment   photo(s)
details 0808 Mi-17M (LOT) Air Base of Colonel General Ján Ambruš   photo(s)
details 0808 Mi-17LZPS (LOT) Search and Rescue Wing f/n 03Jul2018 photo(s)