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Aircraft History Summary

Data of Manufacturing




Kazan Helicopters



Construction Number

108 M33

Line Number

not known

Time Line of Aircraft History

  Registration / Serial Type Operator Time Line  
details 0833 Mi-17 51st Helicopter Regiment del  1988 photo(s)
details 0833 Mi-17 34th Training Air Base    
details 0833 Mi-17 33rd Helicopter Base    
details 0833 Mi-17 23rd Helicopter Base trf 01Jan2004 photo(s)
details 0833 Mi-17 24th Transport Air Base f/n 10Sep2005 photo(s)
details 0833 Mi17-1V (LOM) LOM Praha s.p. f/n 09Jan2011 photo(s)
details YA-WTC Mi17-1V (LOM) Kam Air rgd 29Jan2011  
details ZS-HKC Mi17-1V (LOM) Advanced Aviation Logistics rgd 02Jul2012  
details HK-4883 Mi17-1V (LOM) Vertical de AviaciĆ³n f/n 25Aug2013 photo(s)
details UR-CMY Mi17-1V (LOM) AAL Group rgd 06May2015  
details ZT-RAV Mi17-1V (LOM) Advanced Aviation Logistics rgd 26Feb2016  
details UR-CMY Mi17-1V (LOM) Krunk rgd 04Oct2016  
details UR-CMY Mi17-1V (LOM) Krunk    
details UR-CMY Mi17-1V (LOM) Krunk canx  2022