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Photo ID: 18627     Views: 12      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18627 Mi-8MNP Russian Federal Border Guard RF-23101 cn:59489611121
Photographer:   Arseni Murashov     More Photos
Date:   2021
Location:   Izhevsk   (USII / IJK)     More Photos     
    Russia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-8MNP     More Photos
Registration:   RF-23101     More Photos
CN:   59489611121     More Photos
Operator:   Russian Federal Border Guard     More Photos
Photo ID: 18626     Views: 9      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18626 Mi-8AMT Ulan-Ude Aviation Enterprise RA-24189 cn:8AMT00643187716U
Photographer:   Addra Steddman     More Photos
Date:   20Jul2021
Location:   Moscow-Zhukovsky   (UUBW / ZIA)     More Photos     
    Russia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-8AMT     More Photos
Registration:   RA-24189(2)     More Photos
CN:   8AMT.00.643.18.7716.U     More Photos
Operator:   Ulan-Ude Aviation Enterprise     More Photos
Remarks:   display MAKS 2021
Photo ID: 18625     Views: 14      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18625 MSB Mi-2MSB-1 Motor Sich UR-VBI cn:544337085
Photographer:   M. Umar Aziz     More Photos
Date:   18Nov2019
Location:   Dubai   (OMDW / DWC)     More Photos     
    United Arab Emirates     More Photos
Aircraft:   MSB Mi-2MSB-1     More Photos
Registration:   UR-VBI     More Photos
CN:   54 4337 085     More Photos
Operator:   Motor Sich     More Photos
Remarks:   display Dubai Airshow 2019
Photo ID: 18624     Views: 11      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18624 Mi-8MTV-1 National Guard GN-204 cn:96077
Photographer:   Santiago_Mendez     More Photos
Date:   22Sep2021
Location:   Santa Lucia   (MMSM / NLU)     More Photos     
    Mexico     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-8MTV-1     More Photos
Registration:   GN-204     More Photos
CN:   9 6077     More Photos
Operator:   National Guard     More Photos
Photo ID: 18623     Views: 8      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18623 Mi-8T AeroGEO RA-22313 cn:99150873
Photographer:   Dmitry Yakovlev     More Photos
Date:   13Sep2021
Location:   St.Petersburg-Pulkovo   (ULLI / LED)     More Photos     
    Russia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-8T     More Photos
Registration:   RA-22313     More Photos
CN:   9 91 50873     More Photos
Operator:   AeroGEO     More Photos
Photo ID: 18622     Views: 9      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18622 Mi-28N Russian Aerospace Force RF-13492 cn:34012843505
Photographer:   Sergy     More Photos
Date:   28Aug2021
Location:   Kubinka   (UUMB)     More Photos     
    Russia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-28N     More Photos
Registration:   RF-13492   /   52 yellow     More Photos
CN:   340 128 43505     More Photos
Operator:   Russian Aerospace Force     More Photos
Photo ID: 18621     Views: 9      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18621 Mi-171C Gazpromavia RA-22461 cn:171C00066433206U
Photographer:   Oleg Chaplin     More Photos
Date:   25Aug2021
Location:   Novy Urengoy   (USMU / NUX)     More Photos     
    Russia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-171C     More Photos
Registration:   RA-22461(2)     More Photos
CN:   171C.00.06.643.3206.U     More Photos
Operator:   Gazpromavia     More Photos
Photo ID: 18620     Views: 9      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18620 Mi-8MTV-1 Gazpromavia RA-22162 cn:97500
Photographer:   Oleg Chaplin     More Photos
Date:   25Aug2021
Location:   unknown             
    Russia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-8MTV-1     More Photos
Registration:   RA-22162(2)     More Photos
CN:   9 7500     More Photos
Operator:   Gazpromavia     More Photos
Photo ID: 18619     Views: 23      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18619 Mi-8MTV-1 General Directorate of Forestry ER-MHE cn:95865
Photographer:   Gerrit Griem     More Photos
Date:   26Aug2021
Location:   Antalya   (LTAI / AYT)     More Photos     
    Turkey     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-8MTV-1     More Photos
Registration:   ER-MHE     More Photos
CN:   9 5865     More Photos
Operator:   General Directorate of Forestry     More Photos
Photo ID: 18618     Views: 19      
Helicopter-DataBase Photo ID:18618 Mi-8MTV-1 Helistar HK-4824 cn:95998
Photographer:   Cesar Fernando Alvarez Vallejo     More Photos
Date:   07Sep2021
Location:   Guaymaral   (SKGY / GYM)     More Photos     
    Colombia     More Photos
Aircraft:   Mi-8MTV-1     More Photos
Registration:   HK-4824     More Photos
CN:   9 5998     More Photos
Operator:   Helistar     More Photos
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