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10Mar2023 Data Base PZL S-70i DataBase
03Mar2023 Photo Gallery PZL S-70i photos added
24Feb2023 Data Base HeliVert AW-139 DataBase
23Feb2023 Photo Gallery HeliVert AW-139 photos added
16Feb2023 Data Base Listing Accidents 2022 / 2023
31Jan2023 Data Base Aircraft History Record - new: Aircraft Status
31Jan2023 Data Base Listing new built helicopters 2022 / 2023
31Jan2023 Data Base Listing MIL helicopters donated to Ukraine
07Dec2022 Data Base Listing Mi-2 delivered to the GDR
07Dec2022 Photo Gallery Helicopter Main Type sort by Type
07Dec2022 Data Base Helicopter Main Type sort by Type
14Nov2022 Photo Gallery photos of other Polish helicopters added
14Nov2022 Photo Gallery photos of other Czech helicopters added
22Aug2022 Data Base CN Display: separation of plant, date of manufacture, batch, number within the batch
12Aug2022 Data Base Yakovlev Yak-24 DataBase
11Aug2022 Photo Gallery Yakovlev Yak-24 photos added
22Jul2022 Photo Gallery 20.000 photos available
21Jun2022 Data Base Listing Mi-4 delivered to the GDR
16Jun2022 Data Base Mi-4 / Z-5 / Z-6 DataBase
12May2022 Photo Gallery Search Engine: display of the number of photos per type
12Apr2022 Data Base PZL SM-2 DataBase
18Mar2022 Data Base IAR-316 DataBase
18Mar2022 Data Base IAR-317 DataBase
18Feb2022 Website Re-Design NATO Reporting Names
18Feb2022 Photo Gallery 1st photo with 10.000 views
11Feb2022 Data Base Listing Mi-8 / Mi-9 delivered to the GDR
25Jan2022 Photo Gallery new Photo Category: Aircraft on Poles
03Nov2021 Website Milestones in Vertical Flight History
02Nov2021 Website Release Helicopter-DataBase V.3
02Nov2021 Data Base Listing Mi-24 delivered to the GDR
02Nov2021 Website Re-Design Home
02Nov2021 Website Re-Design Website History
02Nov2021 Website Re-Design Mi-2 Variant Briefing
02Nov2021 Website Re-Design Open.Photo
02Nov2021 Website Link Guide Aviation Accidents
02Nov2021 Data Base operated by / operated for
17Mar2021 Photo Gallery 15.000.000 Total Photo Views
15Dec2020 Website FAI World Records
02Nov2019 Photo Gallery new Select Element: Aircraft Details
27Oct2019 Data Base SOKO SA-341 / SA-342 DataBase
12Sep2019 Data Base Mi-10 DataBase
12Sep2019 Data Base Mi-12 DataBase
12Sep2019 Data Base Mi-24 DataBase
12Sep2019 Data Base Mi-26 DataBase
12Sep2019 Data Base Mi-34 DataBase
12Sep2019 Data Base Mi-38 DataBase
14Aug2019 Photo Gallery 15.000 photos available
10Aug2019 Photo Gallery 10.000.000 Total Photo Views
28Jun2019 Photo Gallery new Photo Category: Actors in movies
12Mar2019 Photo Gallery Link to Google Maps

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