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04Jan2012 Website Favicon
08Dec2011 Photo Gallery 1.000.000 Total Photo Views
04Sep2011 Photo Gallery Remarks both in English and German language
03Sep2011 Photo Gallery new Photo Category: INTERFLUG helicopters
03Sep2011 Photo Gallery new Photo Category: Flying Cranes
08Aug2011 Photo Gallery display Top Uploaders / Most Popular
04May2011 Photo Gallery new Photo Category: Aircraft in special colours
04May2011 Photo Gallery new Photo Category: Air-to-Air photos
05Apr2011 Photo Gallery Mi-26 photos added
29Mar2011 Website Mi-8 Export Numbers
27Feb2011 Photo Gallery 500.000 Total Photo Views
13Jan2011 Photo Gallery Open Construction Number
03Dec2010 Photo Gallery Mi-24 / Mi-25 / Mi-35 photos added
27Sep2010 Photo Gallery Ansat photos added
31May2010 Website Mi-8 Variant Briefing (International Modifications)
13Feb2010 Website PZL Mi-2 Variant Briefing
03Feb2010 Data Base Link to Manufacturer
23Jan2010 Data Base Link to Operator
13Jan2010 Website PZL Mi-2 Construction Numbers
24Nov2009 Data Base Mi-14 DataBase
10Oct2009 Data Base IAR-330 DataBase
13Jul2009 Photo Gallery IAR-330 photos added
21Jun2009 Photo Gallery Mi-4 photos added
31May2009 Photo Gallery 100.000 Total Photo Views
15May2009 Website Re-Design Home
10Mar2009 Website PZL W-3 Variant Briefing
23Feb2009 Data Base PZL W-3 DataBase
10Aug2008 Data Base Mi-8 DataBase
14Jul2008 Data Base PZL SW-4 DataBase
14Jun2008 Photo Gallery Mi-8M / Mi-17 photos added
30Apr2008 Photo Gallery Mi-8 photos added
30Apr2008 Photo Gallery Mi-14 photos added
23Feb2008 Website Photo Gallery

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